Time for new adventure

In a little more than a year my son has reached an age of 20 years. This will probably be the last time I can undertake a longer trip with him. Traveling with him is already a challenge but as he has grown older his need for attention has also grown larger. Last 4 years we have only traveled with extra employed help, which of course makes traveling a lot more expansive.


I’m now planing on going all in on the last trip the year he is 20 and I’m pulling all strings to fund a trip of a lifetime for him. Please look at the information on this GoFund me site and if you think what we are doing is worth the effort please share the link with friends and family.



Planning future adventures


It’s far between updates now but spring is on its way and with it comes the daylight again. And with the daylight comes the geocaching. Back into our life and this summer will be a little extra exiting.

We are just back from Thailand, and although there were no geocaches for us to log there we found plenty of adventure. For example we rented a boat for a full day and cruised between islands and beaches just to find the best places. We has a wonderfull day.

The adventure in that you ask?

Well, the boat was far too large to reach the beach so we had to swim ashore a couple of times. Lifejackets and swimming rings helped us on that trip.

One of the paradise beaches we visited.

One of the paradise beaches we visited.

Dinner and sunset at an abandoned beach in the middle of nowhere

Dinner and sunset at an abandoned beach in the middle of nowhere


Once home it was time to start planning new adventure, and this time with geocaching in it and I think I found just the perfect adventure to look forward to. My son doesn’t know yet but once he comes home tomorrow he’ll find out that I have booked tickets and room in Seattle for the Geocaching Block party 2014 in august this year. This will be awesome! Just me and my son geocaching in USA.

No explanation needed

I stumbled upon a story written by a mother of a 3 year old autistic daughter named Kate and instantly understood what she was telling about. Not needing to explain or apologize,  not needing to repress active children, seeing your daughter/son express her take on the world for someone not from the inner circle around the children.

I suggest you read her post here: http://www.goteamkate.com/1/archives/01-2014/1.html

This is one of the main reasons we travel halfway around the world to Thailand for some vacation. The people over there is so in love with children that the special qualities of autistic children is nothing more than a spice for them.


Last Saturday I did two things that I normally never do.

  1. I went geocaching without my son. He spent the weekend away from home.
  2. I went for a powertrail and logged 120 geocaches in 8 hours by bicycle. I’m much more attracted by geocaches with a view, history or something else that is interesting and this powertrail was all about a rock or a fir in the woods.

The explanation is exercise; I saw it as a way to squeeze in a bit of extra exercise in between the C25K sessions. In fact I think I got more exercise that my worn down body could take, I ended up having a slight fever that evening and I still have sore thighs. And in 8 hours I’m supposed to run and walk in 30 minutes again.

But it’s all OK as I know my son subconsciously will appreciate me getting more fit even if he can’t say it.