Dark thoughts

It’s allowed to be sad. Sometimes it’s necessary to not be heroic or a beacon in the darkness. I think that living with autism close by can be a hate-love relationship and suppressing sadness will in end tear down the joy.

Take a moment to reflect over what could have been and then put those thoughts away again for the next year or so. If you are the least like me you will probably find strength and beauty in the darkest thoughts to help you focus on the extraordinary circumstances you have been blessed with and the wonderful souls that needs you.


Mossbylund part 2

The journey between Marstrand and Mossbylund was uneventful and once there we prepared for a week of relaxing, some sightseeing and not so much geocaching. Ystad is the closest town and it has a nice centrum perfect for strolling around, complete with small alleys, lots of roses and a medieval greyfriars abbey.WP_000044 (2)

WP_000046 (2)WP_000047 (2)

Mossbylund, the hotel where we are staying, is just 100 meters from a nice beach so there was a lot of bathing for the kids, less for me as the temperature was only 16⁰C (61⁰F).

WP_000042 (2)

WP_000078 (2)

During our stay in Mossbylund we did short visits at Ale stenar, a megalithic monument, and Smygehuk, the southernmost point in Sweden. At Smygehuk there were some old coast defense facilities but they were all dismantled and left for geocachers to roam around in.

WP_000067 (2)WP_000061 (2)WP_000073 (2)WP_000075 (2)

On our way back home we visited the Kolmården wildlife park and stayed there over the night. The best attraction at Kolmården was the low-going cableway that gets you really close to the animals.

WP_000085 (2)WP_000099 (2)

Adventures close to home

Yesterday we took a trip to an archeological excavation that is located within walking distance from home. The plan is to build a residential area at the site once the excavation is done. To be honest there isn’t that much to see unless you have someone with you who can tell you what you are looking at and lucky for us, I had my wife with me and she had the opportunity to listen to the archeologists explain the excavation and the findings.

The archeologists had stripped of the first 1-1½ foot of dirt and then created a lot of small holes everywhere they thought they might find something interesting and according to the archeologists they have found proof on more or less static settlement on the site since the 4th century, some of the items found points to merchants or a trading post.

According to the archeologists they now have material to examine for the next 2 years before they publish a report from the excavation. I’m looking forward to the report.


Instagram and begging

Today I started an Instagram account as Shadowcacher to share some of the pictures I snap when out geocaching. First picture out is one from our geocaching adventure to Thailand last winter.


Normally I don’t take part in sweepstakes or gamble but those of you who have ready my first posts about autism know how I want to be able to show my son as much of the world as possible before I’m too old to take care of him. Once I’m old and he moves to a group living he will probably not have many opportunities to experience new things and therefore, if you like the picture and wouldn’t mind helping me trying to win a geocaching trip to Tobago with my son, perhaps you could vote for the picture by pressing the heart over here:


I’m looking forward to more “on the fly” updates when out geocaching.

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

-William Shakespear, Romeo and Juliet

What Shakespear wants to say is that what matters is what something is, not what it is called. This is a short story about how something was changed in the mind of people and how also the name changed once people accepted the change.

Nine years ago, when moved into our newly built house here in the countryside, there was a path that passed just outside our garden and went through the woods and a meadow. This path was about 400 meters long (about a quarter mile) and used by horsemen and people walking to the bus stop at the main road. The path had the name “Fyllestigen”, which translated means, more or less, “The drunken man’s path”. When we moved here it was explained to us that it was named like that long time ago when there lived a man close to our house and he had some trouble with the alcohol. We were also told that he used to walk to the main road where he would order alcohol from the bus drivers that passed by on their way to the town; he then waited for them to return with his order before going back home. The farmer that we bought or lot from also told us that sometimes he didn’t even get home before falling asleep. We didn’t think too much about the name, after all it was the accepted name for the path and everyone knew what it was called.

IMG_1048 The drunken man’s path at the meadow

A few years after we moved in the change started, but as it often is, change does take time. I think it was a Christmas that we got a pair of garden gnomes from my parents and to be honest we really didn’t know what to do with the gnomes as they just weren’t our thing.  We didn’t want to throw them away or give them to anyone as they were after all a gift to us so after some time we decided to place them in the woods close to the “Fyllestigen” to give people who walks there something new to see. Some more time went and people started to mention the garden gnomes and since we had placed those there we thought it would be fun to get a few more gnomes or frogs for the path and bought a few garden-decorations that were carefully placed along the path.

 IMG_1039One of the original gnomes

Then one summer, Booom!, gnomes, fairies, frogs and other fairytale beings popped up everywhere along the path. Information about the location started to travel by word of mouth and families from as much as 15 km (just under 10 miles) away started to find their way here. People started to ask about and talk about the “Sagostigen” (“fairytale-trail”) and everyone around here knew what they meant and started to adapt to the new name. Today I haven’t heard anyone use the old name in almost 3 years. And last time anyone cared to try and count all the beings along the trail they lost count at 250 beings and that was back in 2009. If you are a geocacher and plan on visiting Sagostigen look here, or just contact me for coordinates.












an you Count the gnomes?

IMG_1049Is it still the same trail for you as it was in the beginning of the post?

All the credit for creating Sagostigen goes to my wonderful wife.

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This week my son is away again to give us a chance to catch up on a little sleep and do things that’s hard to pull off with both kids at home, in fact we are going to see Star Trek on Saturday. I’ve also been able to get outdoors with my daughter this week, normally my wife is looking after her and doing things together with here while I’m taking care of our son, so that was extra fun. Me and my daughter went and watched the spring turn into summer in the city park, where there happens to be a big playground!



I’ve also initiated the slow and hard process of changing lifestyle in order to get fit. As I told here earlier I really want to be able to be there for my son for as long as possible and during that time I want to experience as much as possible with him. This is why I’ve started to follow the program Couch to 5 km in 9 weeks, or C25K. It’s a program designed to enable even the most unfit to run 5 km in 30 minutes at the end of the 9 week program. I understand that the running part in itself won’t change much so I also try to change my eating habits by adding healthy snacks to my diet so I’ll be less hungry at lunch and dinner. I really hope I can keep focus on why and for whom I’m doing this…

On Monday my son comes back home and then we’ll get geocaching again, and this time with little twist. My son received a gift from Groundspeak, a new hat with the geocaching logo, and I plan on making it our “official” geocaching hat so he knows what I’m planning when he is wearing that hat.