Who stole the winter?

Below are a few pictures from when my son and I visited my parents a few weeks ago. There is something missing in these pictures, can you see what is missing? Snow! There is no snow in the pictures! Rain and fog but no snow. I admit it was easier to find the geocache than if there had been snow but stil, this is not a real Winter.

Mid December. Rain 10 degrees warm and rain.

Mid December. Rain 10 degrees warm and rain.

WP_000249 (2)

Normally we have around ½ m (2’) of snow and -5 to -15 degrees C at this time of the year but this year we have green grass and 5 to 10 degrees warm. Even if snow makes some geocaches harder it also makes some walks in the woods easier when the ground is frozen solid. The snow also helps lighten up the dark winter.


2 thoughts on “Who stole the winter?

  1. Karen says:

    Winter, and all the snow and ice that comes with it, has landed squarely on us here in eastern Ontario. I’ve never tried to geocache in the snow, except for that one time when someone placed one just down the street on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago, and I dragged my hubby out close to midnight for our one and only First to Find. That one was place well above the snow, thankfully. I’m not sure how anyone finds them when they are buried, along with all the visual sights that might point out some places to look.

    • galdrin says:

      Thanks for your comment Karen. To be honest I never thought I’d miss the snow but once you live in the pitch black winter with less than 6 hours of daylight one realizes how much the snow makes to lighten up the darkest days. Geocaching in snow may have its benefits, for example I have reached caches far out of my reach by standing on large snow mounds, I have found hard to find caches since previous visitors have left “geo-trails” in the snow, on the other hand if they had trouble finding the cache then there is trails everywhere, and finally many of the caches I go for during winter has the “accessible in snow” flag.

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