Tales from the trail VII

Temporis fila.
Child of time.

That was a favorite expression of Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linne) he used to take his students out into the nature, let them collect the plants they thought where interesting, and show them to Carolus who would tell them about their findings. I’m quite confident that if Carolus Linnaeus lived today he would be a geocacher.

Today my son came home from a weekend at the short stay away home, where he lives in regular intervals to let us recharge a little extra, and of course we had to go out geocaching. Today we decided to walk in Carolus Linnaeus footsteps, more or less, and keyed in the coordinates for one of the Carolus Linnaeus multicaches that exist close to our home. I’ve told about one of the other multis in this series over here. The multicaches teaches you about Carolus Linnaeus and what he saw in his time while you follow one of the paths he used to take with his students out from the city and out into the nature. These multis always end with a nice walk over field or into the forest.

WP_000168 (2)WP_000171 (2)

Today we also felt the fall is closing in, it’s still warm and summer but the air starts to feel a bit fresher with the slightest hint of chilliness when the sun sets for the night. I have also noticed that a few trees have started to lose the chlorophyll in its leaf. And there are bugs, lots of bugs. I had an orange t-shirt while we were out today and bugs and small beetles were pull to it like magnets. This weekend I even found myself being the main meal for 3 ticks, and I haven’t had ticks in many years despite geocaching.

And here are a few bugs for all computer nerds, like me, out there. Remember Form.A, Cascade and all the other computer viruses that was created because someone was smart enough to do it and wanted to show it? When there was no underground economy that tried to infect computers to earn money? Well, look at what I found in a drawer at work today.



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