Mossbylund part 2

The journey between Marstrand and Mossbylund was uneventful and once there we prepared for a week of relaxing, some sightseeing and not so much geocaching. Ystad is the closest town and it has a nice centrum perfect for strolling around, complete with small alleys, lots of roses and a medieval greyfriars abbey.WP_000044 (2)

WP_000046 (2)WP_000047 (2)

Mossbylund, the hotel where we are staying, is just 100 meters from a nice beach so there was a lot of bathing for the kids, less for me as the temperature was only 16⁰C (61⁰F).

WP_000042 (2)

WP_000078 (2)

During our stay in Mossbylund we did short visits at Ale stenar, a megalithic monument, and Smygehuk, the southernmost point in Sweden. At Smygehuk there were some old coast defense facilities but they were all dismantled and left for geocachers to roam around in.

WP_000067 (2)WP_000061 (2)WP_000073 (2)WP_000075 (2)

On our way back home we visited the Kolmården wildlife park and stayed there over the night. The best attraction at Kolmården was the low-going cableway that gets you really close to the animals.

WP_000085 (2)WP_000099 (2)


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