Adventures close to home

Yesterday we took a trip to an archeological excavation that is located within walking distance from home. The plan is to build a residential area at the site once the excavation is done. To be honest there isn’t that much to see unless you have someone with you who can tell you what you are looking at and lucky for us, I had my wife with me and she had the opportunity to listen to the archeologists explain the excavation and the findings.

The archeologists had stripped of the first 1-1½ foot of dirt and then created a lot of small holes everywhere they thought they might find something interesting and according to the archeologists they have found proof on more or less static settlement on the site since the 4th century, some of the items found points to merchants or a trading post.

According to the archeologists they now have material to examine for the next 2 years before they publish a report from the excavation. I’m looking forward to the report.



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