Is that a castle?

Castles aren’t what castles used to be in in the stories. Today me and my son visited Wik castle some 30-40 minute drive from home. The castle is situated in a beautiful park that was our actual goal as there are two multi-caches hidden there.


The park consists mostly of oak and hazel, and even the old and dead oak was left alone so they would attract bugs and birds as an effort to preserve the wildlife in the area. The oak-trees blocked most of the direct sun out and kept the temperature at a perfect level for our 2 mile walk through the park.


When on our way back to the car I noticed that one of my favorite “smelly” flowers was just starting to bloom, it’s the lilac shrub.


Did I mention that the whole area is full of history? Just a couple of kilometers away from Wik castle I found this 11th century rune stone depicting an elk-hunt. In the picture is a hunter on skis and one riding a horse. You can also see the elk and a hunting falcon that just has attacked the elk.



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