Tales from the trail V


Just 30 minutes south of where we live there is a forest area called Lunsen. The northern part of Lunsen is today a nature reserve that is the home to many endangered species. Through Lunsen goes a hiking trail called Upplandsleden and in the middle of Lunsen is a small cabin that contains 4 beds and that is open to anyone who needs to spend a night here.


As you probably can guess there is at least a handful of geocaches in a place like this so my son and I took our backpacks and left for Lunsen one day. It was a wonderful hike in sunny weather and perfect temperature. The trail is full of roots and stones so it was also some extra exercise for my son after an operation where they lengthened his Achilles tendons, both to strengthen his ankles and to train some balance. This day we went from west, to the cabin in the middle and then back out, next time we will walk the trail from east and to the cabin.


I also think it’s time for a small update on the C25K challenge that I’m trying to follow. When I started I thought that jogging 90 seconds with 60 seconds walking between was though and never thought I’d manage to jog 30 minutes or 5 km, guess what, yesterday I actually jogged 20 minutes without any walking.


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