Soon back on track.

My son was away the last week so there was no geocaching, and it’s just as well as I had to send my smartphone on some warranty repairs. I noticed how handicapped one gets if one is accustomed to the services of a smartphone and then suddenly the smartphone gets taken away from you.

But now both my phone and my son is back so we’ll soon be back on track with the tales from the trails.

On the other hand it was nice to get some “extra time” to place on different projects.

• I’ve managed to complete all mini-projects for the python class that I took part in at This will be a valuable addition to my mystery cache solving toolkit as well as a good help for me in my work.

• I’ve had the energy to finalize my application to the CCE bootcamp and the certification so soon-ish I’ll be a certified forensics computer examiner. I’ve always said that I don’t need a certification to know what I can and can’t do but I’ve discovered that a piece of paper tells customers and employers more than my promises.

• Training. I think I’ve started to understand the thing with running. By changing my running style I feel an ache in different parts of my body and as long as the ache is in muscles I feel I can overcome it by training those muscles. I’ve reached the point where I can run 16 minutes of 30 minutes training and I’m confident in that I’ll be able to run 10 km in 50 minutes once I lose some weight. I’ve actually decided to take my son to Seattle once I reach that point, guess why?

• Model building. I’ve completed two of the planes I’ve had sitting on my desk for quite some while. I build models mostly in evenings while I wait for my son to fall asleep so I can get into my own bed without worrying that my son will wander into the kitchen or do anything else that he isn’t meant to do when the rest of the house is sleeping. Normally he sleeps well once he falls asleep but unless someone keeps an eye on him while he is trying to fall asleep he will get up before he falls asleep making it impossible to sleep.

Here in Sweden the spring has transformed into full summer, school has ended for the semester and I’m mostly concentrating on finishing of things before my summer-vacation even if it’s hard to keep focus when I’m thinking of all the fun we have planned for this summer.


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