Tales from the trail IV

Monday evening my son came home again and straight away we went out geocaching. After the powercaching during Saturday I decided to take it a bit slow. To be honest I’m so bad condition that some extra exercise makes my muscles ache. I began by picking out a couple simple mysteries, a multi and a regular that would give us a 2-3 km (1½-2 miles) hike and off we went.

What I thought would be an easy stroll quickly became an agonizing climb up and down the Uppsala esker because I did some stupid mistakes with the calculation of the coordinates for 2 of the geocaches. My son thought it was a good evening, it’s always fun to see him in a good mood, and I think that a little ache in the body now will give me a lot more time with my son later on.

Up on the esker we found a merestone, probably erected 1870s. This merestone is placed 4030 meters north of the old observatory in Uppsala and was used to calibrate instruments at the observatory. We also checked out the water purification plant which works by pumping up water on top of the esker and letting it seep through the esker to the water stores that are located under the esker. From the base of the esker we had a marvelous view over Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala). Gamla Uppsala was an important religious, economic and political centre from 3rd century and onwards. While it’s nice to walk around in Gamla Uppsala among the royal mounds I think you get a better feeling of the historical importance by looking at it from a distance like we did.

IMG_1077One of the water purification pools where water is pumped up onto a
bed of sand from where it seeps through the esker in a natural purification process

IMG_1081The rowan is in bloom. In fact I think most of the different trees are in bloom
as everything is covered in pollen


The merestone, looking towards Uppsala, with the towers of Uppsala Cathedral
visible through the left opening.

IMG_1075Old Uppsala and the royal mounds.



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