Last Saturday I did two things that I normally never do.

  1. I went geocaching without my son. He spent the weekend away from home.
  2. I went for a powertrail and logged 120 geocaches in 8 hours by bicycle. I’m much more attracted by geocaches with a view, history or something else that is interesting and this powertrail was all about a rock or a fir in the woods.

The explanation is exercise; I saw it as a way to squeeze in a bit of extra exercise in between the C25K sessions. In fact I think I got more exercise that my worn down body could take, I ended up having a slight fever that evening and I still have sore thighs. And in 8 hours I’m supposed to run and walk in 30 minutes again.

But it’s all OK as I know my son subconsciously will appreciate me getting more fit even if he can’t say it.



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