Tales from the trail III

This tales from the trail is a compilation of a few excursions me and my son has done over the weekend. Nothing really special but still interesting places to visit.

Kalmarnäs, a wildlife preserve about 45 km  (28 miles) south, as the crow flies, from our home. Characteristics of the preserve are steep cliffs towards Lake Mälaren and an old pine forest with a lot of oak in it. This was a somewhat though hike as the terrain was quite hilly.


Cliffs overlooking Lake Mälaren.

IMG_1053Old oaks



Vendelsjön, a popular place for nesting birds, around 250 species of birds has been sighted here making this one of the favorite places among birdwatchers around here. The day we visited, the birds where so noisy, my son had to keep his hands over his ears. At the place for the birdtower there is also some remnants of an old trapping pit that once was used to trap wolves.

 WP_000399Platform and trapping pit.

WP_000401Wetlands full of nesting birds.

Vendel, a village 22 km /14 miles) north from where we live. Vendel is known for its 6th century grave mounds, and for playing a central part in the Swedish history during the Vendel era. We have earlier visited all the Vinking related caches around here so this time we looked at the old windmill, which is one of the most northerly windmills in Sweden, and the church.

WP_000403Windmill, one of the most northerly ones in Sweden


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