Summer is here!

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

― John Steinbeck

We have been out geocaching every evening the last days but there hasn’t been any ”special” caches in our sight, just the opportunity to be outdoors when the spring changes over into summer. During these few days we have experienced two milestones that in my mind announce the beginning of the summer.

  1. Today, at 1900, it was still 20°C (68°F) which means T-shirt weather is here.
  2. The Lazarus bell is in bloom.

We’ve been walking in wetlands full of nesting birds, we’ve done some more gravespotting at the Håga kurgan and we even found a few young people preparing their VW bus for upcoming adventures. Had a short chat with them and was a bit amazed over how they were bubbling of positivity.


Lazarus bell’s in our garden



Walking the foot-bridges in wetlands is one of our favorite hikes.

IMG_1016I wish them lots of adventures in the bus.

IMG_1017Håga Kurgan or King Björns mound as it’s also called.

IMG_1019The view from the Håga Kurgan.

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