Grave spotting

My son is back home. That also means we are back in the geocaching saddle!
Our trip yesterday took us to a place called Nordians hög. We received recommendations from the owner, who said this was the right time of the year to visit the cache. Nordians hög is a grave mound from 6th or 7th century. It’s one of the largest grave mounds around here being almost 12 m high with a menhir on the top. The grave is thought to be a kings mound, but there is also some stories that says it’s the grave of Njord, Odins successor from the old Scandinavian mythology.

IMG_0984Nordians hög

The Nordians hög would be a nice place to visit at any time of the year but what made this time of the year where all the pasque flowers growing everywhere on the grave mound and close to it. If you ever visit Stockholm by spring I would recommend a visit to Nordians hög as it’s just 10-15 minutes by car from Arlanda, the biggest airport in Sweden.

IMG_0986IMG_0987IMG_0982Pasque flowers, also known as Dane’s blood

IMG_0988On our way up to the top. My son with his new
hat. The hat was a gift from Groundspeak.

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