This week my son is away again to give us a chance to catch up on a little sleep and do things that’s hard to pull off with both kids at home, in fact we are going to see Star Trek on Saturday. I’ve also been able to get outdoors with my daughter this week, normally my wife is looking after her and doing things together with here while I’m taking care of our son, so that was extra fun. Me and my daughter went and watched the spring turn into summer in the city park, where there happens to be a big playground!



I’ve also initiated the slow and hard process of changing lifestyle in order to get fit. As I told here earlier I really want to be able to be there for my son for as long as possible and during that time I want to experience as much as possible with him. This is why I’ve started to follow the program Couch to 5 km in 9 weeks, or C25K. It’s a program designed to enable even the most unfit to run 5 km in 30 minutes at the end of the 9 week program. I understand that the running part in itself won’t change much so I also try to change my eating habits by adding healthy snacks to my diet so I’ll be less hungry at lunch and dinner. I really hope I can keep focus on why and for whom I’m doing this…

On Monday my son comes back home and then we’ll get geocaching again, and this time with little twist. My son received a gift from Groundspeak, a new hat with the geocaching logo, and I plan on making it our “official” geocaching hat so he knows what I’m planning when he is wearing that hat.



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