X marks the spot

This weekend I and my son did something we never have done before, we participated in a flashmob! To be honest I didn’t know how he would handle the situation but thought it was worth a try, in worst case we could always walk away. Our small adventure started with the train to Stockholm, which in itself was something extraordinary for my son, and once in Stockholm we did some normal geocaching while we waited for the time to go. A quick dinner and some ice-cream at McDonalds is a well tried alternative that is always good to have as autistic kids sometimes tends to be a little picky about what they eat.

The flashmob is a series of geocaching events that took part all over the world on 4th May under the name WWFM X (World Wide FlashMob 10). The idea for the WWFM series of events came first from Podcacher Podcast that I have mentioned earlier. Since this was number X in the series, the flashmob in Stockholm was a pirate themed flashmob and once the time was 19:00 all these geocacher came from everywhere and pulled out bandanas, scarfs, eye-patches, toy-swords, toy-blunderbusses, and other pirate-related things. People walking by started to keep more and more distance and even the police had to come and check that everything was in order. 15 minutes later everyone was gone again and Sergels Torg went back to business as usually.

piraterAll the pirates


Police checking out the pirates

I’m not sure if my son knows what we were doing but I’m sure he loved it. I can tell he was soaking up everything while we stood there in the middle of the flashmob. The train, walking in Stockholm with all the people and traffic all around and the ferries was other inputs the he really enjoyed. I think we will have to go to Stockholm more often on our caching trips as it gives another kind of experience than the forests and trails we usually hike.


Waiting for the train home

Yarrrr! there be ony two ranks of leader amongst us pirates! Captain and if your really notorious then it’s Cap’n!


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