If it hurts, it’s bad.

Early this morning I had an appointment at my son’s school. They have tried to vaccinate him against measles, rubella and mumps earlier this year but my son had other plans.

My son is as long as I am and he is extremely fit as a result of his hyperactivity and inability to sit still for any longer moments. He is also suspicious against situations where he feels he doesn’t know what will happen next and extremely logical. Logical in a way that tells him that if something hurts then that’s nothing he needs, and there is no way to tell him otherwise as he just won’t listen. It’s hard to explain for him things that will happen or could happen as he “lives right here and right now”.

So my appointment at school today was more or less as an enforcer. I know it sounds mean and disrespectful against my son and if outsiders saw us they most probably would call the police if they had some courage. I don’t agree. Although I respect my son and his own will I also need to protect him when his decision doesn’t line up with the real world. I know that he probably feels a little pain and anxiety from the syringe and from being held in a bear hug by me, but that is probably much, much less painful than the diseases we are vaccinating him against. And finally, I know I probably could be charged for assault or battery for holding my son by force while the nurse administers the vaccine, but I would never accept that anyone else did this to my son. I force myself to watch the syringe just to be able to release my son as soon as possible, we always leave the room directly after it’s done and this far my son has always returned to our normal father-son relation just minutes after the incident. So the world may think we are doing wrong, but guess what, sometimes we are a part of another world, my sons world, and in that world I’d like to think I’m doing the right thing.



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