The restaurant at the end of the road

This week we have celebrated Walpurgis Night and International Workers’ day, so we have had 1½ extra day off work. I and my son decided to do some extra geocaching to keep the clock ticking and also to see how far the spring has come. The spring is really exploding around us at the moment and birds I’ve seen don’t seem to get much rest between singing and building their nests.


On Walpurgis Night we went for a small exercise in the woods as we decided to finish the “G” in the geoart “GCU” a short drive from home. This geoart is placed in really rough terrain and you have to make your way through marshes, dense brushwood, and climb over moss covered stones. I think we had almost 2 hours walk in a place where no paths exist. I needed the exercise for my fitness and my son needed it for his ankles and his balance as he had both his Achilles tendons lengthened almost precisely one year ago. Once done with the geoart we took the car to a bathing place at a small lake close by. A perfect ending to a nice evening with hot cocoa, medicines, evening meal and a marvelous view.

WP_000333 WP_000337

Today (the International Workers’ day) we went for a car ride to find some geocaches a short drive from here. The geocaches we had checked out where all in such nature that they don’t get many visits. Nice places but some where far, far from nearest paved road. I think at least 5 of the caches we visited today had their previous visit about 2 years ago. We saw a couple of hunting cabins, one “open-for-all-hikers” cabin at the edge of a mire, a lot of wonderfull nature and an old Church ruin.

WP_000342 WP_000346 WP_000347 WP_000348 WP_000356

As we knew there would be a lot of driving today we left early and brought our “outdoor cooking” equipment with us. In the end we spent 6 hours geocaching today, saw a lot of nice places and had lunch in the sunshine, at the end of the road. No really, it was the end of the road and we got there after 2 hours driving on really bad gravel roads.

WP_000349 WP_000350


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