Among gnomes and trolls


Yesterday my son was back from the group home and it was time for a little geocaching again. I had spent some time trying to find a good cache containing some nice nature and a good hike to walk off a little of the anxiety that lives in his body, especially when he gets back home after a weekend at the group home. Just moment before we left home I decided that we should visit a geocache called Trolltrappan (GC12J2D) that seemed to have a 2-2½ km one way hike that mainly followed an old gravel road. I think the partly flooded forest around here was my main concern. Once at a suitable parking place I could sense my sons growing anticipation as we got prepared for the hike by changing to rubber boots and raincoats. Just better be safe than sorry .as it wasn’t raining when we started our small hike.

WP_000326Whats beyond that?

Our little adventure brought us to a forest that felt just like the forests in John Bauer’s illustrations. John Bauer is a Swedish painter and illustrator from the beginning of the 20th century and if you haven’t heard of him I suggest you look here for a peek at his work. The forest was dense and the rain was hanging in the air. We could follow the gravel road all the way but the last 300 meters where we found a small path that took us to our final destination. The “Trolltrappan”, which means “The Trolls Staircase” was a narrow staircase created by nature by erosion and if it wasn’t for the wet and slippery leafs it could be used as a staircase to climb the 4-5 meters up on the cliff. This was another of those unknown treasures close to home that almost no one knows about.

WP_000322The trolls staircase

Glad over our newfound “secret” place we started our walk back to the car. My son is at his best mood and follows the path in front of me, sometimes rushing along the path for a 5-10 meters before slowing down to normal hiking speed again, laughing most of the time and just letting me know he has a good time. During the drive home we stopped for a few park and grab caches just because they were there and we pulled up at home just as the sun set in the west. A perfectly nice geocaching trip that allowed my son to fall asleep in under 30 minutes instead of the normal 1-2 hours. Now I just have to plan next trip as he started begging for a car trip just hours after he got up this morning.



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