I’ve lost my motivation, but the good thing is that he comes back home tomorrow!
Every other weekend my sons doesn’t come home from school, instead he stays the weekend at a group home for youths with special needs. This is to give his family a chance to recharge the batteries and do things that otherwise is hard to manage when he is home, for example me and my wife use to go out and eat. Small pleasure of life that means much more when you can’t take them for granted. Not that I couldn’t live without these dinners but the experience with being served by a waiter, no need to help anyone during the dinner and just leave the table once you are done, that’s a small bit of luxury in me and my wife’s life.
This weekend was one of those weekends and I have noticed how I tend to go into stand-by mode when my son isn’t here to keep me busy. But I did get one thing started, a bucket list. I’m trying to write down all the special places I’d like to take my son before I get to old. I think a list might motivate me to work harder for checking off a few of the items. I think I need to print out that list and put it somewhere where I see it every day.
So there hasn’t been any geocaching this weekend and I think that might be just as well as most of the woodlands out here is flooded at the moment.



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