Chilling out at home just isn’t my son’s thing. Yesterday he went back and forth between his ball in his room and the kitchen looking for something to eat even if he wasn’t hungry. Sometimes he stopped walking around the house and started stimming for a while. My son’s stimming usually consists of spinning a ball on the floor and “bouncing” on the floor (not the ball that is), he also enjoys spinning an old leather belt in the air in front of him. And while he is stimming he usually has these grunting noises that are ok for a while but after hours they tend to get on your nerves a bit.

So the decision wasn’t to hard to make when we noticed that it wouldn’t hurt to go to the shop for some extra milk. Going to the shop is a good way to break my son’s stimming buy offering him something better, and more interesting to do. The trip to the shop is a minimum two hour trip unless we stop for some additional geocaching on the way, which we usually do. Yesterday’s geocaching consisted of just 2 small caches, just 5 minutes hiking from the parking, in a minimal forest between a residential area and some farmlands and once at ground zero we had a good 20-30 minutes searching before we found the first hide. This is when I noticed the contrast in my sons behavior between 30 minutes earlier at home and now. I didn’t give him directions in any way and just let him do what he wanted while I searched and he chose to sit down on a rock and admire the view for a good 10-15 minutes. It’s not often we notice this serenity in his posture. Once back home he was himself again but not in the same energetic way, the whole evening got a bit more relaxed for him and for everyone around him.


And the hide? Yes we found it. Lots of dead branches around and one contained this:



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