It’s a mystery!

The mystery caches, or more accurately, the unknown caches are geocaches that instead of giving you the coordinates of the cache they give you a puzzle or a task to solve before you get the coordinates of the hide. Although I’m a bit geeky, and do work with things like steganography, hexeditors and revealing what is hidden, I often don’t have the patience to solve these puzzles. There tend to be a bit too much guessing for me and I’m bad at guessing.

Now if anyone knows of a good site about puzzle-caches, how to do or how to solve them I’d appreciate that since I live in an area where other geocachers love to his puzzles and I’ve reached a point where almost 50% of the unfound caches within acceptable distance is puzzles. The caches are good puzzles and people have fun finding them so I’m not ranting about the puzzles, it’s my skill in solving them that stinks.


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