There is a first time for everything…

…and today the time had come for CITO. CITO is a geocaching event designed to clean up an area from trash, meet other geocachers, and perhaps log a geocache or two. CITO stands for “Cash In, Trash Out” and has been a part of the game for as long as I can remember. Many geocachers practice this at every cache they reach but sometimes a fellow geocacher feels an area could need and helping hand and organizes and CITO event, and this time it was close enough for us to attend.

The event itself was a quite relaxed. Everyone got there and then a small briefing about the area and where to bring the trash was held. The trash-picking was for about an hour and after that there was barbeques lit for those who wanted warm up a few sausages. Judging from the heaps of trash I saw towards the end I think the event was fairly successful and wish to thank Geocaching Uppsala for hosting the event.

Something less geocaching related but much more autism related is this thing that we experienced once everyone was gathered. Since my son is a bit sound sensitive he feels “protected” when he wears his hearing protections and as a bonus they usually works well to keep him calm in unknown surroundings as well. And he has his sounds that I have told about before, today they were happy sounds. Today it seemed that his sounds and hearing protections was something out of the ordinary for some geocachers at the event and I saw how they stole glances at my son. This is not bad in any way, in fact I welcome curiosity, I just wished that they wouldn’t feel guilty or what it is that makes them instantly break eye contact and stare at their GPS or smartphone once they realize that I’m looking at them. A smile or nod as a “hello” would be much better for the atmosphere.  This has really nothing to do with the geocachers we met today; it’s just the way people usually react to something that doesn’t match previous experience they have. Since past experience is invaluable for decision making I guess that’s why people chooses the easiest way out of the situation even if I can feel that it’s in no way the best way out. Don’t take this as a rant about the people I meet, it’s just a rant about how the human mind works.


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