Tales from the trail II

Today we had a wonderful seven km hike in Carl Linnaeus footsteps. The hike we did was one that Carl Linnaeus used to do with his students while he was lectures at Uppsala University in botany, there is a few of these trails around here and almost all are worth the time and effort. We had a stunning spring weather, cold enough for you to freeze if you stand still but perfect while in movement. We had to zigzag between flooded croplands and you could feel that winter finally has lost its grip. The cache itself was all but subtle as it looked like a birdhouse, large enough to house a bit owl, and painted in completely in gold. As usually my son noticed when we arrived to the cache and sat down to admire the view and rest his legs for a moment. He normally does that when he sees that I’m login a cache or start going in circles searching for something to log.

A lot of pleased noises and a few giggles while hiking and a son in a content mood after were the results from today’s adventure. Totally worth it.



One thought on “Tales from the trail II

  1. […] that exist close to our home. I’ve told about one of the other multis in this series over here. The multicaches teaches you about Carolus Linnaeus and what he saw in his time while you follow […]

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