Tales from the trails I

Tales from the trails will from now on be posts where I give short or sometimes longer summary over our geocaching days. I will not bore the readers with all the caches that exists just because there was room for another cache, instead I will concentrate on tell you about the caches that makes geocaching give me that extra that made it possible for us to break out of the downward spiral mentioned in my first few posts.

Yesterday was one of those days when my son came home from school and was anxious, couldn’t stand still, kept whimpering, had no appetite and every 5 minutes he took my arm and pulled me towards his shoes. I understood what he wanted but to confirm I picked up his iPad and the program Grid Player (which I will tell about later) and went without hesitation to the symbols for geocaching and “car trip”. We had to wait another hour before I had someone to look after my daughter but once that was taken care of and I asked my son to take his shoes on his mood changed instantaneously.

I had checked out a few caches of the boring kind on our way to our goal which was at a wildlife preserve about 45 minutes from home by car.

One of the geocaches that I think lacks purpose other than +1 in the stats offered us a small surprise as after parking we walked by a large open area with lots and lots of old construction machines and mining cart and in such way gave the trip to the area purpose even if the cache didn’t.

Once at our goal we went for a 30 minute walk in the wildlife preserve and experienced the spring rolling in and defeating the winter with force. You could no longer walk on the snow, it was 8 degrees Celsius warm, even the smallest brooks are full of water and the fog hangs thick over the snow-covered meadows. Time to turn back home, another adventure richer and another day closer to the summer.



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